Morrell House
Storer Campus

The Morrell House currently houses the main administrative offices for Harpers Ferry National Historical Park. It was constructed in 1857-1858 and was home to the Armory Paymaster‘s Clerk. When constructed, it was identical to the neighboring Brackett House.

Immediately after the war from about 1865 to 1867, like many other buildings, it was occupied by Freedmen refugees. In 1868, it was one of the many properties that Rev. Nathan Bracket and Storer College were deeded by the Federal Government and was initially used for church and school meetings and some living quarters for teachers of the Freewill Baptist Church Shenandoah Mission. It was home to Rev. Alexander Morrell from 1870 until his death in 1885. Rev. Alexander Morrell was assigned to Harpers Ferry by the Freewill Baptist Church to organize churches in the area and was a founder of Storer College.

Later, the Morrell House was used for many years (1885-1905) as a summer boarding house for tourists, then as the Sparrow's Inn / Shenanaodah Inn (1905-1929), then for apartments for teachers at Storer College (1929-1942). The newer section of the house burned down in 1942, and after the original section was repaired, used as housing for faculty families until Storer College closed in 1955.

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Paymaster‘s Clerk Quarters (c. 1858)
Camp Hill; Bldg. #58, Morrell House/Park HQ

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