Halls Rifle Works
Virginius Island

There were about ten Armory buildings located on Lower Hall Island that composed Hall’s Rifle Works.

Filing Shop (c. 1844-1845). This two-story brick building measured about 25 feet by 75 feet.

Rifle Barrel Proving House (c. 1844-1845). Erected by Supt. Symington. It was a one-story frame building measuring about 15 feet by 20 feet

Finishing and Machine Shop (c. 1847-1848). This two story brick building measured about 35 feet by 128 feet plus two one-story wings on each end measuring about 24 feet by 24 feet. The building was designed by the Armory Superintendent Maj. John Symington.

Tilt and Hammer Forging Shop (c. 1849-1850). Designed by Supt. Symington. It measured about 25 feet by 110 feet and had a 15 foot by 35 foot office to the rear. The first story was of stone construction, and a brick second story.

Annealing Furnace (c. 1851-1852). Designed by Maj. Symington. This was a one-story brick building measuring about 35 feet by 60 feet.

Machine Shop (c. 1852-1853). This two-story building at a stone first story and a brick second story measured about 35 feet by 90 feet plus an office (15 feet by 35 feet) at the rear.

Coal House (c. 1853-1854). Designed by Col. Benjamin Huger. It was a one-story brick building measuring about 20 feet by 25 feet.

Barrel and Drilling Finishing Shop (c. 1859-1860). Designed by Armory Supt. Alfred Barbour. This was a 50 foot by 60 foot three-story building with a stone first story and brick top stories. This building connected the Machine Shop with the Tilt and Hammer Forging Shop.

Stock House (c. 1835). Used for the storage of rifle stocks.

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